Life is a game played seriously.

A late evening, a non-existent table-tennis table, and an urge to play. Time and site specific rules, negotiable at all times, turned into ping pong royal. It was the start of a conversation.

The cornerstones of CELL are the concepts of game and play. We use James P. Carse’s Finite and Infite Games as a point of departure to understand human interaction. CELL is a conversation about exogenous rules [how to win any given game] and endogenous rules [how to go on playing]. To CELL is our method to probe into the porous web of relations that constitute society. To CELL is also to explore the intersecting boundaries of science and arts.

A game is absolutely meaningful, but relatively meaningless.
A play is absolutely meaningless, but relatively meaningful.
                           to play is to believe

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Oskar Broberg
Unit of Economic History
Dept. of Ecomomy and Society
University of Gothenburg

Mattias Gunnarsson
School of Design and Crafts
University of Gothenburg